ARTS 4900/6900. Professional Practices: Art Criticism in Croatian Folk and Contemporary Art
This course will focus on observing works of art, assigned readings for contextualization, discussion of the works, and writing about them. Varied opportunities for learning how to express opinions and observations will expand students’ knowledge beyond the initial response to art. Questions and extrapolated observations are numerous and rich with any art object that is thoughtfully investigated. Invigorating the curriculum with cultural and historic observations help find meaning in painting, sculpture, architecture, and crafts. This approach prepares students for integrated learning by building a strong foundation through the arts that are a living record of the culture we observe historically and in the present.

Instructor: Ms. Hatidža Mulić, M.F.A.


LING 3850. Language, Politics, and Identity
In this course we will examine the role of language in the construction of social identities, the formation of language ideologies, ways that individuals and groups try to manage language, and the politics of language, all from a sociolinguistic perspective. We will be focusing on Croatian and other closely related languages for many of our examples, but we will also compare the linguistic situation in the Balkans with the rest of Europe and the US. In addition to discussions with the instructor and other students in the class, the course will also involve site visits and talks and lectures by local experts.

No previous knowledge of Croatian or other Slavic languages is required.

Instructor: Prof. Keith Langston


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Directed Study options are also available — contact program faculty for more information.